About Us

The Farming and Animal Husbandry Project (FAHP)


Increase agricultural productivity and social cooperation

Community development

Rural Water Supply, Solar light / Hydroelectricity, Hospitals and Rural Health Centres;

Promote Health

Promote rural health, especially regarding WASH Programs

Environmental Sustainability

Ensure forestry and environmental sustainability.
Ultimately, FAHP seeks to leverage these programmes to help break the poverty cycle in rural Cameroon.

Who We Are

The Farming and Animal Husbandry Project (FAHP) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization founded by Mr. Jaba Wose in October 2000 and legally incorporated as a Common Initiative Group (Reg. No. SW/GP/03/09/2236) in September 2001. Based in the city of Buea in the South West Region, FAHP operates throughout the Republic of Cameroon.
FAHP’s priority is the empowerment of rural women and youths to alleviate poverty and promote sustainable development in Cameroon, which is in accordance with the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals.
FAHP has been a leader in the fight against HIV/AIDS in the South West Region . FAHP has promoted a large-scale campaign to test for sexually transmitted illnesses and infections, and has provided voluntary counseling and  educative health talks on subjects such as female genital mutilation(FGM). FAHP rural health programmes also include the distribution of mosquito nets to combat malaria and other insect-born diseases.
FAHP’s sustainable agricultural development programmes have included yam propagation, cane domestication, poultry and pig farming, rapid multiplication of cassava cuttings and plantains suckers, quality control of produce, marketing strategies, and acquisition of agricultural inputs.
Some of the major accomplishments of FAHP include: the effective coordination of state and civil-society development policies for rural women and youths; the creation of job opportunities and the promotion of an entrepreneurial spirit among rural communities; and the development of networks with funding organizations of other countries to assist rural initiatives.
As a result of the Cameroon government’s recognition of FAHP and its activities, other organizations both national and international including CARE  International and the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) have come to recognize FAHP—to the benefit of FAHP’s rural communities.